CMC – About Canon

About Canon Are you affiliated with Canon? No. We have no relationship with Canon whatsoever other than using their excellent SDK.

CMC – Release Notes

Release Notes February 23, 2018 (Current Release) INSTALLER – Fixed bug where it wouldn’t allow installation on 32-bit Windows. UI – Fixed bug where it wasn’t always possible to resize the main screen. UI – Added menu option to change the main screen size or shrink it. UI – Fixed bug where the background …

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CMC – Supported Cameras

Supported Cameras Which DSLR’s are supported? The supported devices are listed on the download page. Why isn’t my camera supported? The SDK only allows tethering to certain camera bodies. Almost all newer bodies are supported, except point and shoots. Why doesn’t the program do X? Some bodies support more tethered functionality than others. This is …

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CMJ – Sending Us Bug Reports

Sending Us Bug Reports As of version there is now a built-in bug reporting screen. If ControlMyJoystick crashes, this window is displayed along with a lot of good debug information instead of a cryptic windows error message.  Our developers can use this information to troubleshoot the issue and get it fixed. Send Bug Report …

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CMJ – OLE Error

OLE Error Issue You get an OLE Error when you start up ControlMyJoystick.  It usually mentions the microphone. Solution This error occurs if you do not have speech recognition set up in the Windows Control Panel.  To set up speech recognition, you may need to install a language pack from Microsoft for your language.  Then …

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CMJ – Star Citizen

Star Citizen ControlMyJoystick can send virtual joystick axis data, keystrokes and mouse button clicks/movements to Star Citizen.  Using a six-degree-of-freedom 3Dconnexion controller is perfect for space games, and Star Citizen is no exception. Configuring ControlMyJoystick (CMJ) and Star Citizen (SC) is pretty simple, providing you follow the method outlined below.  This article covers how to …

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