CMJ Blog Final Released!

Many thanks to all our betatesters who put this new version through it’s paces. There are a huge amount of new features that came about from suggestions/requests from your users, so enjoy! It’s a Free Upgrade for Registered Users! New Virtual Keyboard Driver – much more reliable than the old method. New Virtual Mouse Driver … Final Released! Read More » Beta Released

Changed the default Keyboard Text (driver) script command down delay from 50ms to 20ms and interkey delay from 100ms to 50ms. This is to ensure that a keydown is not automatically repeated by the OS. Now if you add the three characters [!] at the end of a macro name, only one instance of this … Beta Released Read More » Beta Released

Fixed bug that caused a crash when attempting to add any joystick that was not the first joystick listed. Updated tutorials 4, 6, 9 and 15 to reflect recent changes. Beta Released

More beta testing, more fixes! Fixed crash caused by double-clicking on an Input DxWare or HID axis. Fixed duplicate cmjson file created when renaming a profile then editing and saving profile notes. Fixed crash caused by opening the profile target editor with particular combinations of running apps. Adjusted the curve digital joystick mode so that … Beta Released Read More » Beta Released

Many thanks to our beta testers who have forwarded bug reports and suggestions. We have made some fixes and released this new beta today. Tweaked the profile target functionality so now you can set the delay that occurs immediately after the target app is activated. This delay is set in the profile target edit window, … Beta Released Read More »

Forums Launched

We finally have a forum! Just use the link on the menu to access the new forum. We actually used to have a forum around three years ago, but the spam drove us crazy. Lessons learned, this time should be better. So be sure to browse or search the forum and by all means register …

Forums Launched Read More » Beta 1 Released

Now supports physical joysticks and implements virtual keyboard and mouse drivers! This is by far the largest feature update since ControlMyJoystick was launched around five years ago. Where to start? IT’S A FREE UPGRADE for registered users. Just use your Product Key and you are good to go. LOTS OF NEW FEATURES You can now … Beta 1 Released Read More » Released!

Many thanks to all our users and those who submitted bug reports and feature requests. We have made a lot of bugfixes and added some great new features to version 5, and we’re sure you will enjoy it. This is a free upgrade. Just use your previous versions’ Product Key and you are good to … Released! Read More » Released!

Based on our user feedback and lots of more testing, we have tweaked ControlMyJoystick to add some new features and fixed some bugs.