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Sorry, no beta's are available at this time.

Many thanks to all our beta testers who really put ControlMyCanon through its’ paces.  This version is now out of beta and available for download.

ControlMyCanon Beta

Released February 18, 2018

You will need

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 (32 or 64 bit)
  • 125 MB hard drive space
  • OpenGL 3.1 and compatible GPU if you use the new optional GPU Live View


One of these Canon DSLR’s

  1D C

  1D Mark III

  1D Mark IV

  1DS Mark III

  1D X

  1D X Mark II

  100D/Kiss X7/REBEL SL1


  450D/Rebel Xsi/Kiss X2


  500D/Rebel T1i/Kiss X3

  550D/Rebel T2i/Kiss X4

  5D Mark II

  5D Mark III

  5D Mark IV

  5DS/5DS R


  600D/Rebel T3i

  650D/Rebel T4i



  700D/Kiss X7i/REBEL T5i

  750D/REBEL T6i/Kiss X8i




  7D Mark II

  800D/Rebel T7i/Kiss X9i


  1000D/Rebel XS/Kiss F

  1100D/Rebel T3

  1200D/Kiss X70/T5/Hi


Licensing Note
The Beta is set up as the usual 14-day trial.  So you can try it in trial mode, or enter your version 5.x product key to register it.  Your ControlMyCanon 4.3 product key will not work on ControlMyCanon version 5.x.

Installation Note
You don’t need to uninstall any other version of ControlMyCanon.  This beta can co-exist with other versions of ControlMyCanon on the same computer.


42.5 MB

Developer Thoughts and Observations

Good-bye version 4, and helloooo version 5!

New Bodies!

Adding new bodies is always an adventure.  We hope that the Canon SDK documentation is correct and that we read it correctly, but stuff happens.  Going from version 4.3 to 5.4, we added fourteen new bodies.  

We test primarily with a 60D but could not get our hands on many other bodies, so we need to you give it a try.  And please let us know if it worked or different with your particular body.

So we expect most of the bugs/issues to be around the introduction of these new bodies.  Fun stuff!

GPU Live View!

We added an option in the Preferences screen to enable your GPU to render the live view stream.  You require OpenGL 3.1 minimum as well as a graphics card memory of 128MB or higher.  We *think* this will run on most of our user’s pc’s, and we’ll soon find out.  

If you have enabled GPU live view and you see a white screen in live view, it means that either your OpenGL or graphics card is not up to date or compatible.  In this case, you can always use the legacy GDI mode, which is the default setting and the same mode that previous versions of ControlMyCanon uses to display live view.

Curiously, version 2.8? (waaay back) did use OpenGL to display live view, but too few computers could support this at the time.  So now we have tried again.

What’s driving this is the flexibility of using the GLSL shading language and the sheer performance of modern GPU’s.  Using the GDI legacy rendering mode for live view chokes on fast computers with huge screens (4K, 3K etc), so as screens go to higher resolution, we need to get on that GPU.

User Interface Overhaul

Comparing 4.3 to 5.4 is…painful.  The new version has a much more modern look and function and incorporates all those things that we have learned about tethering since 4.3 was released in 2013.

ControlMyCANON 5.4 is based on ControlMyNIKON 5.4 and uses the same codebase.  ControlMyNikon 5.4 has been around since 2014 and has has tens of thousands of users worldwide, so it is pretty mature and well-tested.

We wanted to wait until the version 5 codebase was mature before we added the Canon functionality, so now is the right time to do this.

Since you may be wondering, which do we prefer tethering with – Nikon or Canon?  Nowadays with newer bodies, they are about the same.  So, it’s a tie!

Try it, and let us know what you think.

Find a bug, got questions about a feature, or are just wondering what the ?

We would love to hear from you, send in your comments on our Ask Us a Question page.  

Be sure to mention the version you are using, OS, hardware, camera model and as much detail as you can give us.

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Release Notes

This is a major update with three new bodies, new live view features and many bug fixes and feature requests from our users.

ControlMyCanon released on Feb 18, 2018

It’s hard to put into words what has changed, since it so sooo much.  A good place to start understanding what version 5.4 is all about is from the What’s New tutorial video.  

This actually shows the difference between ControlMyNikon version 4.3 and 5.0, but it will get you started since 5.4 is very similar to 5.0.

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