Nikon DSLR Tethering.  Now it’s easy.

Tutorial Videos

Forty-two of them.  Enjoy!

An Introduction

New to ControlMyNikon? Start with these basic overview tutorials.

What's New in v5?

An in-depth look at the new features in ControlMyNikon 5.

User Interface

A tour through the user interface with info on themes, short-cuts, splitters and windows.


Learn how to use any of the available 101 themes to change the user interface colors.

The Essentials

Explore these key image capture concepts.

Preparing your Camera

Learn the settings needed for your camera body for tethering success.


Learn how to connect to your camera and troubleshoot connection issues.


Learn about discussion about phase and contrast focus and how to set it.

Live View

Learn how to launch and configure live view.

Capturing Images

Learn the many ways to trigger the shutter.

Analyzing exposure

Learn how to use live view’ and image browser tools to analyze exposure before and after image capture.

Image Browser

Learn how to navigate and configure the Image Browser.

Filmstrip Fundamentals

Learn how to configure what information is shown on the image browser and workflow filmstrips.

Calibrating White Balance

Learn how to set and calibrate white balance.

Recording Video

Learn how to record video.

Files and Folders

Learn how to configure the image file name and storage location.


Learn how to use profiles to save ControlMyNikon and body settings.

Workflows - Focus Stacking

Discover how to capture a series of images with very small depth of field and then combine them to create an image with greater effective depth of field.  Great for macro photography and landscapes.

Focus Stacking

Learn how to capture a focus stack.

More Focus Stacking

Learn how to capture and process a focus stack in ControlMyNikon.

Using a Stackshot

Learn how to use the StackShot motorized rail from CogniSys to capture a focus stack.

Using Zerene Stacker

Learn how to send files to Zerene Stacker to create the final image.

Workflows - Batch Shooting

Use a unique identifier such as a barcode to embed data into folder/filenames and IPTC metadata.  Great for when you need to shoot many objects and keep the images organized.

Batch Shooting

Learnhow to embed data into the folder and filenames as well as the IPTC metada.  Includes barcode scanner setup.

Batch Data

Learn how to import data for batch shooting.

More Workflows

Learn about these advanced workflows.


Learn how to capture a burst of images.


Learn how to capture the images needed to create a HDR image

Long Exposure

Learn how to capture a long exposure image.


Learn how to capture the images needed for a time-lapse.


Learn how to capture the images needed for a stop motion video.


Explore these advanced methods of releasing the shutter.

Motion Triggers

Learn how to trigger the shutter when motion is detected in live view.

Phidgets Triggers

Learn how to used Phidgets electronic sensors to trigger the shutter.

Speech Triggers

Learn how to trigger the shutter using a spoken word word or phrase.

Web Triggers

Learn how to trigger the shutter using a web browser.

TCP/IP Triggers

Learn how to remotely control ControlMyNIkon 5 over a network connection.

Sound Triggers

Learn how to trigger the shutter with sound.

Other Topics


Shows how to configure keyboard shortcuts.

Using Bulb

Shows how to use bulb mode


Shows how to configure Metadata.

Post-Processing with Batch Files

Shows how to send a captured image to a batch file that you create for post-processing

Using a Powerpoint Remote

Shows how to use an inexpensive Powerpoint remote to trigger the shutter.


Shows how to use the User Interface and Image Magnifiers

Internal Flash

Shows how to set the internal flash.

Setting the Clock

Shows how to set the body clock.

Using a DSUSB

Learn how to trigger the shutter with the DSUSB external trigger.


Shows how to edit the language translations

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