Configuring Metadata

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When you capture an image, EXIF metadata is automatically populated by the body. You can add custom IPTC metadata in the Metadata tab. To open the Metadata tab, go to the View menu and select Metadata.

You can leave the IPTC field empty, or you can fill in one or more fields with your custom data. If you are Batch shooting, putting a token such as @BID or @JOB will embed that batch data into the IPTC field. This data stored in the EXIF and IPTC fields are searchable from within the image browser.

Tutorial Video
(shows ControlMyNikon, but functionality is the same in ControlMyCanon).

You can specify default Copyright and Credit values in the Preferences screen, Metadata tab. You will have the option of automatically inserting these defaults when you click on the ‘Clear’ button.

File Types
– JPG – IPTC data is embedded into the file.
– NEF – IPTC data is added as a .xmp sidecar file of the same name.
– MOV – No IPTC data is added.

When you shoot raw (.nef), an .xmp sidecar file will be created if you have specified any ITPC metadata. Here is where the ITPC data is stored in the raw xmp file:

City: <photoshop:City>
Copyright Notice: <photoshop:CopyrightNotice>
Country: <photoshop:Country>
Credit: <photoshop:Creator>
Description: <photoshop:Description>
Doc Title: <photoshop:Title>
Headline: <photoshop:Headline>
Source: <photoshop:Source>
Province: <photoshop:Province-State>
Trans Ref: <photoshop:JobID>
Keywords: <dc:Keywords>