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You can capture a series of images of varying exposure so that you can combine them in third-party software to create HDR images.

Tutorial Video
(shows ControlMyNikon, but functionality is the same in ControlMyCanon).

Capturing Images for HDR
– Connect to the camera.
– Go to the Workflow menu and select ‘HDR’.
– Put a chekmark beside ‘Enabled’;
– Add one or more shutter speeds to the bracket list.
– Press the ‘Capture’ button to start capturing the bracket.
– If you have checked the ‘Subfolders’ checkbox, The captured images will be put in a subfolder of the current folder with a format of ‘bracket_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS’ and the filenames will have a counter starting at zero for each set captured. If you unchecked the ‘Subfolders’ checkbox, the files will be places in a folder called ‘bracket’ and the image filenames will use the current filename setting.
– Note: Bulb accuracy is approx 300ms. HDR captures during live view will disable live view, capture the images, then re-enable live view.