Powerpoint Remote

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Triggering the shutter and other commands can be achieved by mapping a Powerpoint remote button to a command, giving you an inexpensive remote that can be used during live view. Powerpoint remotes act like a mini-keyboard and their buttons can be mapped to commands.

Video Tutorial
(shows ControlMyNikon, but functionality is the same in ControlMyCanon).

Mapping a Powerpoint Remote button as a Shortcut
– Plug your Powerpoint remote into your computer and ensure that itis working.
– Go to the Tools menu and select ‘Shortcuts’.
– Double-click on any command and then press a button on the remote. This button will now be mapped to the command.
– Try the mapped button and see if the command is executed

Unmapping a Powerpoint Remote Shortcut
– Start ControlMyCanon.
– Go to the Tools menu and select ‘Shortcuts’.
– Double-click on the command and right-click.

– There are many variations of these remotes. Some have two buttons and some have many more. Some are wired, most are wireless.
– Some wireless remotes are wifi or bluetooth so maximum distance from the computer will vary.