Preparing your Camera

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Essential Body Settings
You’ll need to tweak some settings on the body LCD/LED menu’s so that it works properly with the program. You will need to operate in either Manual, Aperture, Shutter or Program Mode. However, since you are tethering, Manual mode is suggested to get the most consistant results. Do you really want the body firmware to guess the exposure in the middle of a 1000 image timelapse? No. Use Manual mode instead.

Here’s what you need to do to prepare for tethering with ControlMyCanon:
– Install ControlMyCanon, but don’t start it up yet.
– Turn off your camera, ensure the battery is well charged.  Set the camera to Manual Exposure mode, Single Shot.
– Connect the USB cable from the camera directly to the PC.  Avoid cables longer than 12′ and USB hubs as they can provide connectivity problems.
– Turn on your camera.  Windows should auto-detect it and list it in the Windows Device Manager.  If it does not, check the USB cable and camera battery.  If it still doesn’t work, check the Troubleshooting Guide.
– Press the Connect button in ControlMyCanon. The button will become disabled when you are connected.-
– Click on the ‘Shoot’ button at the top of the screen – it’s the icon in the shape of a person’s head.  You should hear the camera click as it captures the image.
– The image will be automatically transferred to your computer and you should be able to see it in the ControlMyCanon image browser.

That’s it!  Now go and explore all those features.