Recording Video

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Note: If your body has the ability to record video, the video record button will be visible in live view. If it is not visible, then your camera body is of an earlier body which does not support tethered movie recording.

The video dimensions and format must be set in the camera LCD menu.  This cannot be set in ControlMyCanon.

It’s shows ControlMyNikon, but ControlMyCanon’s functionality is almost identical).

– Shut down ControlMyCanon.
– Set the body to movie record mode. This is often a physical switch on the body.
– Start up ControlMyCanon.

Start Recording
– Open Live View.
– Click on the ‘Record Video’ (red video camera icon) button on the toolbar. Some bodies like the switch or lever that you must set to Movie Mode before it will record.

Stop Recording
– Click on the ‘Record’ button on the toolbar. The video file will be saved to the computer. You can view it in the image browser.
– No metadata will be embedded by ControlMyCanon into the movie file.
– Note: You can also configure a shortcut to start and stop recording.