Adjusting the User Interface

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You can tweak the UI by using the View menu.

Change the UI scale
Go to the View menu and select 100%, 125% or 150%. This changes the control sizes (such as buttons and lists) and changes the font size. The default scale is 100%. You can click on the Reset menu item to resize the splitters to optimum size for the scale.

Change the Theme
Go to the View menu, and select Themes. Select the a theme from the list and optionally adjust the hue, saturation and brightness. Clicking on Reset to Defaults returns the hue, saturation and brightness to default values. The default theme is Graphite.

Use the Magnifier
Go to the View menu and select Magnifier. This zooms in on the area under the magnifier to make small text easier to read. To change the magnification level, or to close the magnifier, right-click on the magnifier and select from the pop-up menu.

Stay on Top
Go to the View menu and select Stay on Top. This causes ControlMyJoystick to remain visually in front of all other running applications. By default this is disabled.

Go to the View menu and select Tooltips to enable the short display of a UI element description. Once you are familiar with the program you can uncheck this option. By default this is checked.

Here is a video showing how to tweak the user interface.

Last Updated On November 03, 2017