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A profile can contain one or more macros. A macro consists of one or more script commands and one or more triggers. When the macro is triggered, the macro will run and each script command will be executed. You can run multiple macro’s simultaneously and even have a macro call other macros. This allows you to create simple or complex game automation.

In the example below, you may want the ‘Ship Lights’ macro to run when you speak the voice command ‘ship lights’. This would execute one or more script commands that would send keystrokes, joystick button press, or mouse button presses to the game to cause the ship lights to toggle on or off.

You can manage your macros by either right-clicking in the macro list, or by clicking on the Macro menu.
New – Creates a new macro with no triggers or script commands.
Rename – Renames the currently selected macro.
Delete – Removes the currently selected macro. All triggers and script commands will also be deleted. You cannot undo a delete.
Run – This simulates a triggering of the macro and causes the script commands to be executed.
Duplicate – Makes a copy of the selected macro and it’s associated triggers and scripts.

Last Updated On November 03, 2017