Star Citizen

ControlMyJoystick can send virtual joystick axis data, keystrokes and mouse button clicks/movements to Star Citizen.  Using a six-degree-of-freedom 3Dconnexion controller is perfect for space games, and Star Citizen is no exception. Configuring ControlMyJoystick (CMJ) and Star Citizen (SC) is pretty simple, providing you follow the method outlined below.  This article […]

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Tips for Windowed Games

If you like to have your game displayed in a window instead of full-screen, you need to ensure the ControlMyJoystick sends it’s commands (keystrokes, mouse movements and clicks) to the game window and not some other window such as your web browser.  You can use Profile App Targets to accomplish […]

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Sending Us Bug Reports

As of version there is now a built-in bug reporting screen. If ControlMyJoystick crashes, this window is displayed along with a lot of good debug information instead of a cryptic windows error message.  Our developers can use this information to troubleshoot the issue and get it fixed. – Send […]

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iOS and Android Devices

ControlMyJoystick can receive triggers from your iOS or Android phone or tablet by using the free ‘ControlMyJoystick Remote’ app. This allows you to place your device by your keyboard or mouse and simply touch an on-screen button to run a macro. You can even use up to three iOS and […]

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