Supported Operating Systems

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Which operating systems will ControlMyNikon run on?
– Windows 10 32/64 bit
– Windows 8.1 32/64 bit
– Windows 8.0 32/64 bit
– Windows 7 32/64 bit
– Windows Vista 32/64 bit

Any issues with Windows 10?
Yes. We find that a Win10 + ControlMyNikon installation is as reliable as Win7/Win8/Win8.1.

Upgrading an older version of Windows to Win10 can have some issues with detecting the camera. If this happens, be sure to ‘show the hidden devices’ in the Windows Device Manager the camera sometimes seems to be stuck there. If you find your camera as hidden, delete it and then allow the computer to re-detect it and install the drivers properly for it.

As usual, Windows is a bit of a mystery. But we are glad to see that it works.

Note: Nikon does not release new SDK versions of their libraries when new versions of Windows come out. The old files from, say, a D80 in 2007 are expected by Nikon to work in all future versions of Windows, and it is good to see that Microsoft has not disabled support for the method that Nikon uses to communicates with their DSLR’s.

Are there versions available for iOS or Android devices?
No. Unfortunately, Nikon does not provide a SDK and drivers for these devices, so we cannot communicate with a Nikon DSLR from iPhones, iPads and Android devices. We hope that Nikon includes this support in the future.

Does it run under Windows RT?
Windows 8 RT is not supported. Note: An x86 (non-ARM) cpu will be required as that is what the Nikon device drivers require. Some Windows RT tablets are ARM-based, and will not work now or likely in the future with ControlMyNikon.

Will it run on a Mac?
No. ¬†Although some users will try to run it Windows in a virtualized environment on a Mac, we don’t support it.

Is there Mac version?
Not yet, but may be plans for this in the future.

Last Updated On February 21, 2018