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You can trigger the shutter with sound by using the Sound Trigger. It can use any microphone that is configured to work with Windows.

Initial one-time setup
– Shut down ControlMyNikon.
– Plug your microphone into your computer.
– Configure the microphone in the Windows control panel Sound applet.
– Once you have confirmed it is working, shut down the control panel applet.

Setting the Trigger
– Connect to your camera.
– Go to the Triggers menu and select ‘Sound’.
– In the Sound tab, select the microphone from the list.
– Adjust the Threshold slider to maximum (furthest to the right).
– Check the ‘Enabled’ checkbox.
– Adjust the threshold so it is just to the right of the sound level.
– Make a sound that exceeds the threshold and monitor the log to see that the trigger occurred.
– Select an action from the list.
– Set the Reset interval to 10 seconds.
– Put a checkmark beside the Action Enable checkbox.
– Make a sound that exceeds the threshold and confirm that the action was performed.

– Some microphones are more sensitive than others.
– Make sure the reset is long enough to capture the image and transfer it to the computer.

Last Updated On February 21, 2018