Using a DSUSB External Trigger

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The DSUSB is a USB-based shutter controller. It connects the trigger or infrared port of the camera body to your PC via USB cable. In ControlMyNikon, you can enable the DSUSB so that commands to shoot or are sent via the DSUSB instead of through the usual tethered USB cable. The advantage of this is that you can use the DSUSB to trigger the shutter in bulb mode. Most Nikon bodies do not support tethered bulb mode, so this is a good workaround. This is a popular device for astrophotography and timelapses where bulb mode is essential.

For more information, check out the DSUSB at Shoestring Astronomy

LED Indicator
– Red – indicates that the DSUSB is connected to the USB port, but is not controlled by ControlMyNikon.
– Green – indicates that ControlMyNikon is controlling the DSUSB.
– Off – indicates that ControlMyNikon is controlling the DSUSB and that a capture is in progress, or that the DSUSB is not plugged in to the computer USB port.

To Enable
Click on the ‘DSUSB’ item in the ControlMyNikon Tools menu. A checkmark will appear beside the menu item and the LED will turn green. Shoot commands will be sent to the camera via the DSUSB only.

To Disable
Click on the ‘DSUSB’ item in the ControlMyNikon Tools menu. The checkbark beside the menu item will be removed and the LED will turn red. Shoot commands will be sent to the camera via the regular ControlMyNikon usb connection only.

Capturing an Image
Click on the ‘Shoot’ button. Even though the ‘AF and Shoot’ button is enabled, it will not attempt to autofocus while the DSUSB is active and should not be used. During a a bulb shot, the LED will remain off. During a non-bulb shot, the LED will flicker off and back to green before the shot is complete.

– Before using the DSUSB in ControlMyNikon, be sure that it works using the utility provided by the manufacturer of the DSUSB. This tests that the connection is working, and that the functionality of the DSUSB is working as well.
– ControlMyNikon supports the DSUSB 1, DSUSB 2, and the DSUSB IR1. You select which device you are using in the ControlMyNikon Preferences screen, Misc tab.
– You can enable/disable the DSUSB by toggling the DSUSB menu item in the ControlMyNikon Tools menu. You can only change this when you are connected to your camera with ControlMyNikon.
– You must remain connected with ControlMyNikon to be able to use the DSUSB.
– IMPORTANT: The IR1 version of DSUSB will not trigger the shutter during live view. This is a limitation of the firmware. The IR1 version also requires that you set the body to ‘Remote’ shooting mode.

Last Updated On February 21, 2018